Meet the WalkMe Education Team

We are a group of learning enthusiasts who are always striving to provide you with the learning opportunities and help you need to get the most out of WalkMe!

If you have any questions for us, please email us at

Mika Olivkovich

WalkMe Senior Education Partner
Mika is a real WalkMe professor! Aside from writing Cheat Sheets and FAQs, she's also the host of WalkMe Talk.

John-Mark Ikeda

Director of Training
As a child, John-Mark wanted to be a teacher, artist and NBA player. One of those definitely did not happen.

Christy Hollingshead

WalkMe Partner Education Manager
Christy leads Partner Certification, which is a good thing if you're a Partner because team Christy always wins. Go Giants!

Alea Stein

WalkMe Senior Education Partner
Alea kicks butt! When she’s not whipping you into shape with our Builder Certification, she leads a real fitness class.

Shen Davis

Video Producer
Shen makes all our training videos Wowmazing (Wow +Amazing). As in, "Did you see the Custom Launchers video it's Wowmazing!"