Check out WalkMe University course offerings below and click on any class to get more info on what you will learn!

101: PLAN – Plan Your Implementation

Learn how to plan a successful WalkMe solution

201: BUILD – Basic Walk

Learn the basics of the WalkMe Editor and build your first Walk-Thru

202: BUILD – Essential Walk

Build user-friendly Walk-Thrus, increase usage, and target specific audiences

301: Test Your Implementation

Test your WalkMe implementation before going live

401: Introduction to WalkMe Insights

Learn more about our Analytics solution

Switching from Walk-Thrus to Smart Walk-Thrus

Learn about WalkMe's next generation of guidance, Smart Walk-Thrus

WalkMe for Salesforce Classic

Become an expert in using WalkMe for Salesforce

WalkMe for Salesforce Lightning

Learn best-practices for building on Salesforce Lightning