Check out WalkMe University course offerings below and click on any class to get more info on what you will learn!

101: PLAN – Plan Your Implementation

Learn how to plan a successful WalkMe solution

201: BUILD – Basic Walk

Learn the basics of the WalkMe Editor and build your first Walk-Thru

202: BUILD – Essential Walk

Build user-friendly Walk-Thrus, increase usage, and target specific audiences

301: Test Your Implementation

Test your WalkMe implementation before going live

401: Introduction to WalkMe Insights

Learn more about our Analytics solution

Advanced Features, Tips & Tricks

Learn best practices for building advanced level Walk-Thrus, customization and management

Switching from Walk-Thrus to Smart Walk-Thrus

Learn about WalkMe's next generation of guidance, Smart Walk-Thrus

WalkMe for Mobile Web

Learn how to plan your implementation for WalkMe on Mobile, and deploy it successfully.

WalkMe for Salesforce Classic

Become an expert in using WalkMe for Salesforce